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Example of review

Tips on leaving a review

Love our grade AAA premium Sri Lankan species wild caught crabs and friendly customer service? We know it can be hard to put all these down into words. Use the template below to simplify your reviewing process.

Line 1 – User Experience:
Talk about our customer service and your website shopping experience. Was the ordering process straightforward? Did your crabs arrive on time?

Line 2 – Product Range
Talk about our variety of crabs, promotions, and zi char dishes. Were you happy with the range of products provided?

Line 3 – Quality of Product
Talk about the quality of our food. How did our dishes compare with others you have eaten in the past?

So an example of a review that would be really useful for other shoppers just like you would be:

Ordered at 1030am, and crabs were delivered promptly at 1230pm – just in time for lunch. They were gigantic and the shells were packed to the brim with meat. Could taste the freshness with every bite. We polished off all the meat, then slurped down the remainder of the sauce because it was so darned good. Already making plans to reorder for our family gathering next week.

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