Dancing Crab Review

Image credit: Dancing Crab FB

Location: Orchard Central #07-14/15, VivoCity #03-10

Telephone: 6222 7377

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dancingcrabsg/

Instagram: @dancingcrabsg

Website: https://www.dancingcrab.com.sg/

Operating hours: Open daily

Lunch: 11:30am – 3:00pm (Last order 2:30pm)

Dinner: 5:30pm – 10:00pm (Last order 9:30pm)

About Dancing Crab 

Dancing Crab serves a fusion of American Style Seafood with a distinct local flavour. Part of the TungLok Group, one of the most established seafood restaurant groups in Singapore, Dancing Crab is dedicated to serving quality live seafood. The restaurant has been featured in 8Days, TimeOut Singapore and The New Paper, which shows how well loved their brand is.

With two outlets in Singapore and three outlets in Japan, Dancing Crab is a place where diners gather with their friends and family to feast on seafood while jamming to pop and rock songs played on blast. The best part? The folks at Dancing Crab believe that the best cutlery for eating crabs is none other than your hands! As such, no forks or knives will be provided so that you can dig into your meal with your fingers. Talk about a gastronomic experience! 

Image credit: Dancing Crab FB

Menu Selection

Dancing Crab is known for their live seafood, signature sauces and a deliberately messy way of eating. You heard that right! Don’t worry about making a mess as plastic gloves and aprons will be provided for all customers, so that you can enjoy cracking the shells open with your hands! The tables are also lined with plastic sheets, where the seafood is laid out for your dining pleasure!


The Build a Combo option allows customers to create their own seafood feasts. Customers would have to select a main dish from a variety of live seafood delights such as Sri Lankan Crabs, Dungeness Crabs, and Boston Lobsters along with a sauce of their choice — the Famous Signature Cajun Sauce, Zesty Garlic Butter Sauce, White Pepper Cream Sauce, Mala Sauce, and Beurre Blanc Sauce. A secondary item, such as live crawfish, live prawns, blue mussel, flower clam, chicken sausages, and steamed corn is then tossed into the mix on the table to create a delicious feast for everyone to dig into!


Dancing Crab is known for their beer battered calamari rings and mushrooms. Their fries come in three variations. Sweet Potato, Truffle and Spicy Cajun. Fancy something a little more filling? Dig into a bowl of Nachos with Crab Meat or some Garlic Soy Sauce Wings!

Image credit: Dancing Crab FB

Signature Dishes:

Dancing Crab’s signature dishes include the Chili Crab Bread Bowl, Black Pepper Crab, Live Lobster Rolls, Moonshine Vodka Live Prawn, Crab Cakes, and Pacific Bocourti Fish and Chips. 

Single Plates:

Don’t fancy a huge feast or don’t wanna make a big mess out of your meal? Why not dig into a tasty plate of seafood pasta or fried rice for one? 

Restaurant Experience

There is never a dull moment at Dancing Crab, as lively music can be heard blasting from the restaurant speakers, creating an atmosphere where diners can eat, drink and be merry. Customers will find themselves having a fun time with their friends and family over a seafood feast. The restaurant is dotted with spotlights, giving the place a very party vibe.

There is no cutlery provided at the restaurant, apart from utensils to crack open shells. All dishes served are meant to be eaten by hand. Talk about an experience! As mentioned previously, don’t worry about the messy aftermath as there are sinks for you to wash your hands. Feel free to go all out when breaking those shells apart on the table. Their staff are friendly and attentive to all of your needs, which makes your dining experience all the better!

Booking Process

Dancing Crab takes reservations via the Chope app. 

Online Deliveries

Dancing crab accepts orders through Oddle and GrabFood. Please take note that delivery charges will apply. 

Seafood lovers would definitely love going to Dancing Crab for a variety of live ocean catches, a lively atmosphere that’s perfect for get-togethers and of course, making a huge mess on the table! 

Disclaimer: We are not affiliated to Dancing Crab in any way. This is a review of what they offer. 8 Crabs Singapore offers fresh Sri Lankan crabs cooked by award-winning chefs and a wide variety of zi char dishes for a perfect meal with your family and friends. Click here to order your crabs from 8 Crabs Singapore today!

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