Our Processing Edge

Find out how our live crabs are caught from the sea, flown to Singapore, cooked in our kitchens, and delivered to you all within 12 hours.

Fresh from the Waters: Our Premises to the Airport: 2 Hours

Our fishermen set out to sea on a daily basis. Their catch is then brought to our premises to be approved by our crab graders. 

In all the countries we are in, we are strategically located just 1 hour away from the local airport and our strong manpower allows us to pack in 45 minutes. This means less stress for the crabs as the amount of time they spend away from their natural habitat is minimised. Therefore, heavily reducing the risk of ammonia production (Learn why our crabs produce less ammonia as compared to other suppliers).

Fun fact: In farms, it can take up to 2 hours to pack due to unstructured processes, and another 3 hours for the crabs to be transported to the local airport – heavily increasing the risk of ammonia production, and also the risk of the crabs dying upon arrival to Singapore. The main priority of a farm is usually to breed, and therefore, they do not place much emphasis on packing and delivery.

Overseas Airport to Singapore: 4 Hours

Air freighting of seafood happens on a daily basis for us. The close proximity from Sri Lanka, India, and other Asian countries to Singapore enhances the efficiency of our overall process.

Singapore Airport to Our Kitchens: 2.5 Hours

After customs clearance, our logistics team takes over and trucks the crabs and seafood to our kitchens. 

Cooking Time + Delivery: 1 Hour

Our chefs are constantly cooking for 12 Hours a day. Having just 2-3 signature crab flavours allows them to work continuously without interruption. We also have a one driver to an order policy across our kitchens island-wide, so that we may uphold our promise of One Hour Crab Delivery.