China Crawfish (Xiao Long Xia) – Multiple Flavours

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5 Yummy Flavours, Including EXTRA SPICY Mala

In the cities of China, it is impossible to miss restaurants selling Xiao Long Xia (小龍蝦), also known as Crawfish, or Baby Lobsters. They are highly raved, and for good reason. Ranging from 4 to 6 inches, this delicacy has made its mark in China and they are finally in Singapore!

The First in Singapore – 8 Months of Perfection

When asking who could be the best in Singapore when it comes to traditional and innovative seafood, the answer 8 Crabs would undoubtedly be screaming into your ears. We took 8 months to perfect our recipes before finally opening it for purchase to the public! We have to warn you though, that this will definitely not be your last purchase.

Award-Winning Flavours, now with Xiao Long Xia

We’ve perfected the flavours of our extremely hot and spicy Mala, Garlic Butter, Black Pepper, Chilli, and Salted Egg. Tried by more than 200 critics and members of the public, we dare say we’re going to be the best at this for a long time. Did you know? Our farmed Crawfish also contains a good amount of vitamin B, iron, and selenium, minerals that can be extremely difficult to obtain in an ordinary Asian diet!

Portion Size

Regular – 1Kg
Large – 2Kg

Purchase this item and get 61-94 Points - a worth of $1.22-$1.88
Purchase this item and get 61-94 Points - a worth of $1.22-$1.88
China Crawfish (Xiao Long Xia) by 8crabs
China Crawfish (Xiao Long Xia) – Multiple Flavours
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