Hairy Crabs Singapore Loves

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Why are our hairy crabs so popular? How did we achieve the moniker, King of Hairy Crabs? It’s real simple.

Our hairy crabs come from Yang Cheng Lake. Hairy crabs from Yang Cheng Lake have been known for decades to be home to hairy crabs that have sweet meat, and great amounts of roe and milt! On top of that, our cooking techniques also help ensure that our taste may be arguably second to none. Read more about our Hairy Crabs and find out why our source and style of cooking is better and preferred, or select your preferred bundle below to try them out today! They have exceptionally more roe in the months of October and November.

Oh, and another tip – start eating them from the legs. They’re usually the ones to get cold first.

Available Fridays to Sundays only

September & October: Female Hairy Crabs Only
November: Male Crabs with *limited* Female Crabs Available
December: Male Hairy Crabs Only

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