Please scroll to the bottom of the page to fill up the form to apply for free food delivery. Please apply only if you truly need this.

Please be patient with our replies as we are working with a smaller team during this period. Kindly refrain from calling us too as that will only slowdown our overall execution process.

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We don’t care who you are, or where you come from. We are not going to check if you are truly ‘needy’. Please apply only if you really need help. We will send food to anyone that applies, but limited to our daily maximum capacity. There is no gimmick. Yes, we are definitely making more during these times, but we are also doing everything we can to help and give back. Regardless of how rich you are, what country you come from, or what you believe in, we are all human at the end of the day. And humans should help humans.

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Dear friends

In times of such circumstances, being forced to stay home for a greater good forces us to reflect on what really matters. Many a time, we often fail to recognise what truly matters, especially when everything is alright. Especially when we are caught up in an ultra dynamic environment, one that is undeniably present in Singapore. Unknowingly, the stress we encounter due to work, and the earthly desires of our human mind, may lead to undesirable outcomes such as office politics or even stereotype discrimination. Sometimes, we find ourselves segmented based on our level of wealth, race, or even religion. Many a time.. we tend to forget, we are not only neighbours or participants of a single nation. As a matter of fact, we are all human.


We’re here to offer a hug

Not every family is as fortunate as what we see in this photo. Poverty is real. People becoming unemployed without savings is real. People not having food to eat, is also real. Ever since we heard about the extension of the circuit breaker, we felt that we had to do our part..

Please note… FAQs


Who is eligible for free food delivery from 8 Crabs?

Anyone. We are going to respect the privacy of every individual. To be honest, we were thinking of going through all applications and selecting those who needed it most. But, we felt that it would be pretty ridiculous to be going through the incomes and backgrounds of people. We want to believe in the goodness and honesty of human kind. Please sign up only if you need the free food.

How many meals will 8 Crabs be sending to applicants?

We will be sending 3 meals per individual to households who apply. For example, if a family of 6 applies, we will send 18 packet meals.

Will 8 Crabs be sending food to every single applicant? If no, how does 8 Crabs shortlist applicants?

We wish we could help everyone out there but the reality is that we cannot. Even if we were financially strong to do so, more manpower would be needed to execute this mission – something that we have actually streamlined in lieu of this pandemic. It will be on a first come first serve basis to 100 applicants a day. 

I love what 8 Crabs is doing. How do i donate?

We are not a Non-Profit Organisation. We are a business, and to be honest, we are facing a spike in orders because of the circuit breaker. It is no secret that the food and beverage industry in Singapore would be doing better than normal times. It would be sinful to accept even a single cent of donation. Even with more donations, our limited manpower will not be able to turn the donated money into more food for the needy. Should you wish to donate, please look for organisations that specialise in feeding the poor. We believe that is a more suitable option. 

What can i do then?

We hope that this inspires other businesses to do the same. Individuals are forced to stay home, but businesses, even while limited in operations and manpower, may still have an effective logistics structure. Imagine if every food delivery service serves 50 needy individuals daily.. we would definitely be in a much better place!

Does 8 Crabs prioritise anyone?

No. Whether you are a freelancer who is out of income, or a work permit holder being forced to stay home, we will help you if we can.

What type food will 8 Crabs deliver?

We will be preparing the types of food that can be made in mass. Such as fried rice, fried noodles, and so on. Please note that we are not halal certified, but we will not use pork in our dishes.

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