Crab Farms in Singapore

Despite Singapore’s limited land space, we have a handful of urban farms tucked away in the suburbs, providing us with fresh local produce. Although a majority of our food sources come from abroad, it’s good to know that there’s fresh produce that is fully homegrown with pride! Being a nation of crab lovers who can’t resist a well-made dish of chilli crabs — our favourite national dish, we shell have a look at a few crab farms and suppliers in Singapore! 

Crab Lovers Farm

Image credit: Crab Lovers Farm

Location: 161 Neo Tiew Road Singapore 719021



Email: [email protected]

Telephone: 6362 3886

Crab Lovers Farm is the only crab farm in Singapore to produce soft shell crabs by harvesting their crabs only when they are at their peak. As young crabs moult very frequently, the folks at Crab Lovers Farm harvest their crabs after the moulting process has been completed to give us their signature soft shell crabs! At Crab Lovers Farm, young crabs are farmed vertically. Every crab is allocated to their own special unit in a “crab hotel”, where the crabs are monitored and cared for before they are ready for harvest, in order to ensure freshness and quality. 

Huat Kee Crab Farm

Image credit: Huat Kee Crab Farm FB

Location: 70 Lim Chu Kang Lane 6F, Singapore 718871


Telephone: 8491 7887

Fancy some fresh and large crabs but don’t want to be greeted by an underwhelming amount of meat after cracking the huge crab shell open? Huat Kee Crab Farm has got you covered! Featuring giant, meaty live Mud Crabs that give you a bang for your buck, Huat Kee Crab Farm is the only crab farm in Singapore to fatten up their crabs before shipment to retailers, so that you won’t have to experience the disappointment of getting a huge crab with little meat within their tough shells. 

Gills ‘N’ Claws Aquaculture Pte. Ltd.

Image credit: Gills ‘N’ Claws Aquaculture

Location: 469 MacPherson Rd, Gnoh Hock Realty Building #02-01, Singapore 368186



Email: [email protected]

Telephone: 6844 4426

Gills N Claws Aquaculture is a leading local supplier of seafood, which runs a vertical crab farm in Kranji as well as a fish farm on Pulau Ubin, off the shores of mainland Singapore. Gills ‘N’ Claws Aquaculture uses vertical crab farming to grow and fatten their Mud Crabs before they are ready for harvest, in order to make sure that the crabs are large and meaty when cracked open. As with every vertical crab farm, the crabs at Gills ‘N’ Claws are allocated their own units where they are monitored and cared for. 

Although these farms mainly supply crabs to restaurants and retailers, customers are welcome to drop by to get their hands on fresh crabs too! It is advisable to give the staff at the respective farms a call to inquire about the availability of crabs before dropping by, so as to avoid disappointment. Be sure to support your favourite local businesses!


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