Sin Chao Gardens Review

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Location: 297 River Valley Road, Singapore 238338

Telephone: 6369 0328



Operating Hours: 10.30am to 10.30pm daily


Teow Chew porridge is an iconic Teow Chew meal and a comfort food for many. It consists of rice porridge and side dishes such as eggs, fish and a variety of meat dishes of your choice. Unlike congee, you can still see and taste the whole rice grains in Teow Chew rice porridge. It is cooked till it’s soft but not thick and sticky like congee. As such, Teow Chew rice porridge retains the fragrance of the rice, yet it is easy to swallow and digest.

The dishes in Teow Chew porridge are cooked in a variety of styles such as braised, steamed, stir-fried and more. They are usually served in a banquet style if you are dining at a restaurant. Some Teow Chew porridge side dishes like the braised meat or salted radish omelette are saltier and more savoury to go well with the bland taste of the rice porridge. 

Located along River Valley Road, Sin Chao Gardens is a Teow Chew Porridge restaurant that you must try if you’re craving some authentic, home-cooked style Teow Chew Porridge! 


Menu Selection

Sin Chao Gardens offers 7 main categories of dishes, namely vegetables, meat, seafood, fish, braised dishes, side dishes and omelettes. If you’re familiar with Teow Chew dishes, then you definitely will not want to miss its cold crab, braised pork belly and Cai Po Omelette as these are famous Teow Chew dishes that any Teow Chew will recommend. 

Apart from main dishes, you can also find authentic Teow Chew desserts such as yam paste with ginko nuts, or also known as Or Nee, which you can usually find at wedding banquets. Sin Chao Gardens also offers cold desserts if you are looking for something ice cold to go after your piping hot porridge.


Image credits: Sin Chao Gardens Facebook page

As Sin Chao Gardens serves its dishes in a banquet style, you may want to go there with your family or friends. It has 4 set meals for you to choose from that caters between 2 to 6 people. Each set is well planned and designed with a mixture of 4 dishes from any of the 7 categories above. You can choose either sets with spicy or non-spicy dishes, which is convenient if you are dining with someone who cannot take spice.



Image credits: Sin Chao Gardens Facebook page

Sin Chao Gardens is also suitable for gatherings of up to 10 people as it also has 3 set meals to cater between 6 to 10 people. Each set meal comes with selected 6 dishes and is named after Chinese idioms that symbolize prosperity and happiness, which are great if you are dining to celebrate a special occasion. The first set called the “Lucky Set” caters between 6 to 8 people while “Healthy Family Set” and “Riches and Prosperity Set” cater between 8 to 10 people. These sets would be ideal if you are planning to hold a birthday meal or event celebration at Sin Chao Gardens.


Customer Reviews

With a rating of 4.6 stars on Facebook, Sin Chao Gardens has its fair share of praises and critiques from customers, but the praises definitely outweigh its critiques. Customers have reviewed on Sin Chao Gardens’ Facebook page that its food is authentic Teow Chew cuisine and has the taste of home. Its menu has also been praised to be ample in variety and the ingredients used in the dishes are fresh. 

The most widely reviewed dishes are the braised pork and steamed fish, which many have commented that these dishes are fresh and traditional, especially the steamed fish.

Apart from the food, customers also mentioned that there is a carpark with ample parking space nearby, which is convenient for diners who drive to the restaurant. The atmosphere in the restaurant is also cosy and suitable for family and friends to dine in a casual, air-conditioned environment. 


Dining Experience

Despite the good reviews on its food, some customers pointed out that the service can be slightly below standards sometimes and the speed of serving was undesirable as the food took too long to be served. Some mentioned that the service staff were rather unfriendly, although most other customers were satisfied with the service provided.


Booking Process 

Sin Chao Gardens is popular as a restaurant for hosting birthdays, celebrations and more! If you are planning to dine during peak hour or have a group dining event at Sin Chao Garden, you may call 6369 0328 to make a reservation to ensure that you can get a seat.  


Delivery and Takeaway Orders

Sin Chao Gardens also offers the takeaway option and all you need to do is call 63690328 to order your food. You may need to enquire about their delivery locations when you call to place your order.  To view its menu, simply visit its Facebook page at, click on photos and go into the “menu” album. There are 9 photos in that album and consists of the full menu as well as the set meal menus. 

Overall, Sin Chao Gardens is rated well for its Teow Chew porridge and dishes as it is authentic Teow Chew cuisine at a reasonable price point. Its menu holds a variety of popular Teow Chew dishes such as braised pork and steamed fish which are common orders among customers. It is also easily accessible as there is a carpark nearby for those driving to the restaurant.

So, if you’re craving for some Teow Chew porridge, or looking for an authentic Teow Chew restaurant to impress your grandparents with, you should definitely try Sin Chao Gardens for Teow Chew porridge with a taste of home!


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