JUMBO Seafood Jewel Review

Image credits: Jumbo Seafood’s Facebook Page


Location: 78 Airport Boulevard #03-202/203/204 Jewel Changi Airport Singapore 819666

Telephone: 63883435

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JUMBOSeafood/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jumboseafoodsg/

Website: https://www.jumboseafood.com.sg/

Operating Hours: 11:00am to 10:00pm (Mon to Fri); 11:00am to 10:00pm (Sat to Sun; Public Holiday)


About Jumbo Seafood Jewel

Jumbo Seafood is a brand familiar to many in Singapore and across Asia. It started from just a humble restaurant in East Coast and has since then evolved, adapted and gained the hearts of many in Singapore. Today, Jumbo Seafood has outlets across Singapore, one of them in Jewel Changi Airport.

Jumbo Seafood prides itself on its Singapore-style seafood dishes that encompass the identity and spirit of Singaporeans. Its award-winning chilli crab is a perfect blend of Malay and Indian spices as well as Chinese fermented bean paste and tomato sauce that resembles the flavour favoured by Westerners.


Menu Selection

Image credits: Jumbo Seafood’s Facebook Page

Jumbo Seafood Jewel offers both ala carte dishes and set meals for you to choose from. Some of Jumbo Seafood’s signature dishes include Chilli Crab, Jumbo Signature Black Pepper Crab, Golden Salted Egg Prawns and Crispy Fried Baby Squid.

You may view the full menu at its website.


Set Menu

Image credits: Jumbo Seafood’s Menu

Jumbo Seafood Jewel has a lunch set menu called the Treasures of the sea which features the award-winning Chilli Mud Crab in one of its sets. The other seafood dishes are also iconic to Singaporeans such as deshelled cereal prawns and the live red tilapia deep fried with Nonya sauce. 

Starting from $109, you can enjoy three seafood dishes in each set. Members are entitled to membership discounts and can enjoy the seafood set meals starting from $99.

There is also an exclusive set meal menu that is available only from 6 July 2020 to 30 September 2020 at Changi Airport Jewel outlet. The set meals cater between 2 to 6 people starting from $89 for a 2 pax meal and the highest price being $349 for a meal for 5 to 6 diners.

The 2 pax meal consists of 4 to 5 dishes and each meal includes a crab dish, 2 other seafood dishes, fried rice (except meal c2) and a dessert.

The 3 to 4 pax meal includes Jumbo Signature appetizers such as the Seafood Donut Tossed in Salad Cream, Scallops wrapped in Yam Ring, Deshelled Prawns with Cereal and more! Starting from $169, you can enjoy a 6-dish for 3 to 4 diners.

Lastly, the set meals for 5 to 6 diners come with 7 dishes including crabs and other seafood, the Supreme Seafood Fried Rice and dessert. The cheapest set for 5 to 6 starts from $229.


Ala Carte Menu

Image credits: Jumbo Seafood’s Menu

If you would like to try out a variety of signature dishes without being limited to the dishes in the set meal, you can try ordering from the ala carte menu. It features the Jumbo Signature Black Pepper crab that is perfect for any spice lover with its delightful blend of pepper, sweet butter and other fragrant ingredients to bring out the spice and flavour in this uniquely Singaporean dish.

Its classic signature series which claims to be signature dishes for 30 years include the Scallops Wrapped in Yam Ring which combines the texture of both the scallops and the crispy exterior fried with the Ngoh Hiang sauce.

The Live Red Tilapia Deep Fried with Nonya Sauce is another classic dish that is mildly spicy with a sweet and refreshing burst to it. Its sauce is Nonya inspired and includes raw sugar and milk in the making of this dish.

Jumbo Seafood also serves rice and noodles with its most popular one being the Supreme Seafood Fried Rice. It is made with fresh seafood ingredients and skilfully cooked with the fragrance of a wok hei style dish. This dish is included in most of the set meals so it’s definitely worth a try!



Jumbo Seafood has won many awards over the years including the Singapore Tatler’s Best of Singapore 2018, Excellent Service Award 2017, TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence 2017 and the Ctrip Food Award 2016. 

The Jewel outlet is relatively new compared to the other outlets, but it has already gained some good comments by tourists on trip advisor who commented that they were satisfied with the Scallops Wrapped In Yam Ring, Steamed Bamboo Clams and the Chilli Crab. 


Restaurant Experience

A user on trip advisor commented that the experience was like fine dining and the food was quick to be served. However, some others commented on Jumbo Seafood’s Facebook page that the service was not up to their expectations and more could be done to help them have a more pleasant dining experience.


Booking Process

You can make a reservation through Jumbo Seafood’s website. Simply choose the Jewel outlet, indicate the number of children and adults, date of intended dining as well as the time. However, special requests are not guaranteed and are subjected to availability and restaurant discretion.


Placing Orders for Delivery Online

You can place an order for delivery through Linktree (the link can be found on Jumbo Seafood’s Instagram page). Click “place an order online”, followed by the location you would like to order from. You can add your desired dishes into the cart and be prompted with a screen that asks if you would like to pick up the food yourself or have it sent to your doorstep. If you choose to have it sent to you, you will need to input your address in the next step and proceed to check out your order once you have confirmed your order, the location and date and time of delivery.

Jumbo Seafood also offers catering services if you would like to have food catered for a private event. You can find out more about its catering service on its website.


Overall, Jumbo Seafood has gained a good reputation over the years as a go-to restaurant for crabs and other iconic local seafood dishes. Although the Jewel outlet may be new, its menu is not lacking in signature dishes and diners can enjoy set meals exclusive to the Jewel outlet as well. If you are craving for local chilli crab or seafood dishes, Jumbo Seafood is one that you should try out!


Disclaimer: We are not affiliated to JUMBO Seafood in any way. This is a review of what they offer. 8 Crabs Singapore offers fresh Sri Lankan crabs cooked by award-winning chefs and a wide variety of zi char dishes for a perfect meal with your family and friends. Click here to order your crabs from 8 Crabs Singapore today!

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