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Location: 171 Kampong Ampat #06-09 KA Foodlink Singapore 368330

Telephone: 9003 9000



Have a craving for crabs but don’t wish to go through the hassle of cooking at home or heading outside? House of Crab offers ready-to-eat, pre-packaged crabs delivered to your door. The pre-packaged crabs do not compromise on quality and taste just as good as freshly cooked crabs!

About House of Crab

House of Crab is a subsidiary company of the extremely renowned House of Seafood, retailing ready-to-eat, pre-cooked crabs that are proudly made in Singapore. The boxed crabs are sealed in an innovative vacuum-packaging process that keeps all the flavours intact. All you have to do is heat up the crabs for 8 to 10 minutes in the microwave oven. The crabs have a shelf life of up to one year in the freezer, stored at -18 degrees Celsius. The crabs are available for purchase via vending machines stationed at House of Seafood restaurants, as well as through an online order form.

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Menu Selection


House of Crab retails a variety of packaged seafood such as crabs, prawns, clams, and fish. They also sell sauce and soup such as frozen chili crab sauce, frozen salted egg sauce, rojak sauce, and more delicious sauces that are easy to prepare! You’ll never have to stand over a hot stove simmering a pot of gravy for your crabs ever again! 

Non-Seafood Options:

Apart from packaged seafood, House of Crab also sells packaged Prawn Rolls, Pork Ribs, Twister Curly Fries, Prawn Paste Chicken and many more pre-packaged goodies that you’ll find in House of Seafood restaurants..

Awards and Accolades

You can trust that House of Crab serves good quality crabs, being a subsidiary company of House of Seafood — the established brand that has won many awards such as the Singapore Prestige Brand Award, Spirit of Enterprise Award, and the Singapore Prominent Brands Award. House of Seafood’s Black Pepper Crabs have also been voted as one of the best in Singapore!

Image credit: House of Crab

Online Deliveries

To place your order, fill in the order form ( according to the instructions provided to enjoy a variety of seafood dishes in the comfort of your home in just a few simple steps. Once your order has been submitted, House of Crab will contact you within 3 hours for your payment details. You may make payment through bank transfer or PayNow. The delivery slots available are 12pm-2pm and 5pm-7pm daily. All you’ll have to do after receiving your order is to reheat the dishes before consumption. All prices listed on the order form are inclusive of GST. Do take note that orders below $80 are subject to a delivery charge of $8.

This innovative concept of crab delivery brought to you by the renowned House of Seafood allows you to order crabs that can be saved for another occasion, so that you can place orders in advance or stock up in case of any future seafood cravings!

Disclaimer: We are not affiliated to House of Crab or House of Seafood in any way. This is a review of what they offer. 8 Crabs Singapore offers fresh Sri Lankan crabs cooked by award-winning chefs and a wide variety of zi char dishes for a perfect meal with your family and friends. Click here to order your crabs from 8 Crabs Singapore today!

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