1-for-1 Replacement Guarantee

At 8 Crabs, we observe high standards of taste, food quality, and professionalism. It is definitely upsetting to receive a lousy crab and we know how you will feel. To make sure that you are getting the best of your order,

We offer a 1 for 1 Replacement Guarantee for orders of crabs that are of such characteristics:

  • Mushy(take a video)
  • Lack Meat with 50% Empty Shell Space(take a photo/video)
  • Shrunken Claw with 50% Empty Shell Space(take a photo/video)

Contact us within 1 Hour of receiving your order via the green chat box at the bottom right of your screen immediately and we will provide you with an replacement(exchange). Should you contact us after 1 hour, a voucher will be issued for your next order based on the sole discretion of the company, a case-by-case basis.

Crabs are less predictable than other seafoods. Sometimes, we may be unlucky to send out sub standard crabs, and these cases are rare. We truly believe that after receiving our replacement, you would definitely be eager to use your free crab voucher much sooner than later.

Important: How to Initiate A Replacement

To prevent abuse, we have set the following set of strict guidelines. We hope you understand that we will not be able to entertain every text enquiry with a replacement guarantee if the following is not done:

  • Contact within 60mins of receiving your order
  • 1. Snap a photo
  • 2. Or send a video(for watery/mushy crabs)
  • 3. Send it to us immediately via the green chat box at the bottom right of your screen, or Whatsapp to us at +6587250725.
  • 4. We can arrange for an exchange within the next 1 hour to be sent to you immediately, until our last timeslot for delivery for the day.
  • 5. The driver will collect your order to bring back to our kitchen to verify the complaint

Please note that the replacement guarantee does not apply to complaints without a photo or video sent. We are unable to justify the order of the item if there are no evidences of such issues mentioned above. We wish to be fair to all our customers and likewise fair to us as well.

Possible scenarios:
1. Customer wishes to replace the crab, we will arrange for redelivery for exchange immediately

2. Customer wishes to accept the replacement crab but does not require immediate replacement can arrange for replacement on their next order.