The Top 5 Best Chili Crab in Singapore

Chili crabs are arguably the most talked about dish in Singapore. In fact, many recognize it as the national dish of Singapore. Tourists and Singaporeans alike are known to seek it out regularly. 

Chili crabs are one of the things that’s both a comfort food and a celebratory dish. Singapore chili crabs are a familiar luxury that many people crave. There are many restaurants offering chili crabs in Singapore.

Here are some of the best chili crabs in Singapore for you to consider. They’re easily accessible and also offer delivery services during the stay home period too. 

  1. 8 Crabs

Chili crabs in Singapore are a much loved dish, and 8 Crabs does in the classic style. 8 Crabs is an online Zi Char delivery service that specializes in large, Sri Lankan crabs. Their best seller is of course their Award Winning Chili Crab ($45.90-$125), which you can order together with a set of fried mantou ( 5 pieces for $6). 

The juicy and generous portion of crabs is a favorite of customers. Additionally, 8 Crabs is able to deliver your order island-wide within one hour. This means you’ll be able to get your crabs and more in no time at all. 

You’ll be able to order chili crabs as part of a Zi Char set for up to 10 people. Their set for 2-3 pax features other dishes like Prawn Paste Chicken, Stir Fried Kai Lan, Yong Zhou fried rice and deep fried prawn rolls. You’re also given a choice to choose alternative ways for your crabs to be cooked, like ordering black pepper crab or steamed crab instead.


Source: 8 Crabs

  1. Jumbo Seafood

Jumbo Seafood is a well known chain of seafood restaurants in Singapore, with branches at The Riverwalk, Dempsey Hill, East Coast Seafood Centre and many more. On their signature menu, you’ll be able to choose mud crabs or Dungeness crabs, and have them cooked in your favorite style. 

These styles include their JUMBO Award-winning chili crab, Signature black pepper crab and steamed crabs with egg white and Chinese wine. 

This means that apart from your well loved chili crab, you can also enjoy black pepper crab in Singapore here at JUMBO Seafood. Their  menu varies from branch to branch. However, all branches allow you to order your crabs a la carte or as part of a package with other dishes.

One example of a package is chili crabs with deep fried Soon Hock fish, Man Tou, stir fried broccoli and shiitake mushrooms, Mocha Pork Ribs and Supreme Fried Rice with X.O. Sauce. 

Opening hours vary between branches, but they generally open about 10am-11am and close about 9pm-10pm with the last orders accepted about an hour before closing. 


Source: JUMBO Seafood

  1. Long Beach Seafood Restaurant

Long Beach Seafood Restaurant is a well respected chain of seafood restaurants in Singapore with 5 outlets. These outlets are located at UDMC, Dempsey, IMM, King and Robertson Quay respectively. 

Long Beach Seafood restaurant apparently has the best black pepper crabs in Singapore. However, they also carry chili crabs. In the ‘crab’ section of the menu, you’ll be able to find different types of crabs like live mud crabs, Dungeness crabs and Alaskan Princess crabs.

Only mud crabs and Dungenese crabs are available to order with their famous chili crab sauce. However, there are plenty of other interesting seafood items on their menu you can order too, like Golden Stripe Live Canadian Lobsters and House Specialty prawns.

Long Beach Seafood delivers island-wide but you’ll have to create an account on their website in order to place your orders. Delivery orders are open from 11.30am to about 8.30pm at night, whereby the last order is taken. 


Source: Long Beach Seafood

  1. No Signboard Seafood

No Signboard seafood started out as a humble seafood stall in the 1970s, at Mattar Road hawker centre. Its founder, Mdm Ong Kim Hoi sold fresh seafood to diners and developed their signature white pepper crab recipe.

Today, No Signboard Seafood has two outlets, one in Esplanade and the other in Vivocity. The business, which is today known as No Signboard Holdings Ltd., also owns Little Sheep Hot Pot and Mom’s Touch fast food restaurant.

You’ll be able to order from either the Esplanade or Vivocity outlet via their pages, listed on their website. Their chili crabs are available as  a la carte orders, or part of packages. 

What we love about No Signboard Seafood is how clearly their menu is laid out, and how carefully their packages are put together. They are currently open for deliver and pick-ups during the circuit breaker from 11am-8.30pm. 


Source: No Signboard Seafood

  1. Melben Seafood

Melben Seafood is a towering institution in Ang Mo Kio, where they have been in operation for many decades. In fact, Mellben Seafood restaurant comes with a Michelin recommendation that sets it apart. 

Melben provides its own online order site where you can request for delivery or pick-up. You can also book a place in the restaurant when dine-in is allowed. 

Melben serves juicy chili crab made with mud crabs, and you can choose to have it with one of two side dishes, which is bee hoon or Mantou. They also serve crabs in other styles, including their signature glass noodle crab, salted egg crab, dry chili crab and ginger onion crab among others. 

The Mellben website is really well designed, and you can book the date whereby you want to have your meal delivered or picked up. Subsequently, your order chit appears on the right and any dishes you add will be displayed prominently. 


Source: Melben Seafood

Whether you like spicy crabs in Singapore or other Singapore crab recipes, you can be assured that you’ll be able to find them easily, and have them delivered to the comfort of your home. 

The best chili crab in SIngapore can be pretty subjective, depending on who you ask. Each restaurant will have its own take on the classic recipe, so the best way is always to try as many as possible and pick your favorite.

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