Top 11 Mother’s Day Gifts in Singapore


Mothers truly are special. They give up a lot of themselves to raise their children, be loving supportive wives or grandmothers, and they deserve a day off. Make this Mother’s Day truly special by showing your love and appreciation for this special person.

Even during this COVID-19 shutdown, most people can get to a mall to purchase something to make a difference. This gift can be a special meal, a long bubble bath or anything creative that you think of. In the meantime, here are our 10 best choices of gifts to commemorate your mother.


A Crab Feast at Home

It is common to hear the phrase ‘nothing beats home cooked food’, when comparing the standard of food from different restaurants or hawkers. Traditionally, our beloved mother’s and grandmother’s are the ones responsible for these sumptuous home meals. It is definitely worth considering to let the women of the household have the day off, while we prepare for them the best local feast one can ever imagine – Big and jucy delicious crabs with a fare of local delights! 8 Crabs Crab Delivery Singapore offers the best Sri Lankan crabs cooked to perfection. The best part about them are their never ending positive reviews. 


Google Nest Mini

Google Nest Mini is such an awesome little gadget to make your mom’s life simpler. Even if your mom isn’t particularly into tech gadgets, the kids can set it up for her. Wall mounting is easy so that your mom can use a hands-free method to control other smart tech items with a voice command. Your mom can also ask Google questions while in the home, without lifting a finger. 


Get a professional poet on your side                                  

Use a freelance writing service to source a poet to pen a poem in honour of your mother. Presenting a poem to your mom is such a personal gift, and the ideal way to tell her exactly how much you love and appreciate all she does for you. Once you have your poem, source a graphic artist to add images to make this gift even more special. 


A book full of memories

‘Things I Love About Mom’ is a beautifully designed, ready-made book filled with prompts that can be completed by the family. There are 30 prompts in this book, so each family member can add several heart-warming messages about their mother. Just follow the prompts to personalize your messages of love and hope that she can keep for a lifetime. This is truly one of those gifts that are made to last.


Crazy, funny aprons

You will know whether this is the right time to gift your mom an apron. If she loves food and cooking for her family, then this could be the ideal gift or at least a good filler to bring a smile to her face. Choose from a variety of humorous aprons that your mom can wear in the kitchen. Reassure her that she doesn’t need to use it on Mother’s Day, though, because it’s her time to sit back and relax.


Buy a magazine or book of the month subscription

If your mom is into reading, then now is the right time to get her a magazine or book of the month subscription. Check availability online to get best sellers delivered to her doorstep every month for the next year. If she prefers magazines, she will also love this gift. Bubble bath will go well with this gift so your mom can make this gift extra enjoyable.


The Himalayan Salt Lamp combined with an Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser

For the mom who is into healthy ways to relax and spend ‘me time’, the Himalayan salt lamp and ultrasonic oil diffuser is an absolute ‘must’. The salt lamp neutralizes negative ions in the air that are caused by other electronic devices. The essential oil diffuser perfumes the air with lovely relaxing essential oils. This is a perfect way to bring harmony to her life.


Designer perfume, flowers and chocolates

Most moms love designer perfumes and flowers. Make her day special with a gift card to purchase her favourite designer perfume. Better yet, if you know what her favourite perfume is, buy it yourself. Wrap it up and order a gorgeous bouquet of flowers to show your love. Add her favourite chocolates to the mix and you will have an absolute winner.


Soft, luxurious cashmere

Women love soft clothing. The luxurious feel of cashmere is one of those lovely classic garments that every woman should have in their wardrobe. The cashmere sweater is the ultimate gift of personal luxury. Make sure you know her size and her favourite colour to surprise her with a lovely gift. 


A day at the spa

Spa days are for spoiling yourself. Purchase a spa day for a full body massage or for mom to get a facial. Add a manicure and pedicure to your gift card or surprise her with a sauna or mud bath. A day or relaxation will revive her spirits and make her feel like a new woman.


A boozy woozy day 

Mom may be a party animal but has forgotten what it feels like to indulge in her favourite boozy drink of choice. Find out what her preference is and surprise her with genuine champagne, a bottle of gin or vodka. Whatever she is into – help her to enjoy a day where she can put her feet up and indulge herself for a change. 


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