5 Things to Do on Good Friday Weekend

Anything that starts with the words ‘good’ will always lead us to pleasure. When you find your dinner date with your beloved or relatives was hit right in the perfect time, you will say “A good day was well spent with good food and people.” Everyone cherishes all the good experience, time, activity, etc as a simple happiness and blessing.

The timing to reach the level of ‘good’ is different to each person. However, there are still several good things that can be experienced together. Take an example, the Good Friday. This day is one of the most important days in some countries including Singapore. It’s a holy, blessing day for Christian and a public holiday for Singaporeans. In order to commemorate this day, a long weekend will start from Friday to Sunday. Here are some things to do on Good Friday weekend:

Have a short trip to Johor Bahru

Johor Bahru has a special corner in almost all Singaporean’s hearts. Whenever there’s a chance to visit, everyone will prepare their passport and go right away. Unfortunately, COVID-19 created a transparent wall between two countries. This makes most Singaporeans haven’t visited Johor Bahru for a long time already. Nevertheless, as the pandemic restrictions are getting loosened gradually, we can once again feel the excitement of shopping in JB malls, playing in Legoland, eating favorite dishes, etc. It’s always a joyful thing whenever we visit our neighbor country to release our stress after an overwhelming workload on weekdays.

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Due to loosened restrictions, most Singaporeans may have the same plan as you (visiting JB). It is better for you to book the ticket, prepare everything you need for the JB trip as soon as possible. No one can predict yet how crowded the Singaporeans will be found in JB for this long weekend. Therefore, don’t forget to wear a mask and follow the health protocol.

Hunting photos or getting mesmerized in museums

This idea may not come to your mind in the first place, however, hunting photos in several museums is definitely worth doing too! Some people may feel it is an exhausting thing to do, moving from one museum to another museum, however, this thing is such fresh air for a photographer or someone who loves to pose and regularly post their photos to social media. In this long weekend, we can get lots of time to explore the museums in Singapore.

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For those who aren’t photogenic, then you can visit museums and prepare to get mesmerized by it! You can choose which museum suits your preference and enjoy your time there with family or relatives! What a good weekend well spent!

Cycle at Changi Bay Point

This long weekend will be perfect timing for people to do exercise. Due to our busy activities on the weekdays, we often don’t have time to exercise. Although our health should be our top priority, work makes us unable to do it oftenly. Therefore, this long weekend should be a golden chance for everyone to exercise.

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If you think exercising on a long weekend is boring and tiring to do, then how about exercising and refreshing at the same time? If you think this is a good idea, then you may consider going cycling by yourself or others at Changi Bay Point. There, you can adjust your cycling pace as you want to. Besides,  you will be accompanied by the gentle breeze of the seaside, such an enjoyable thing to do on weekends.

Spending your time with wildlife

This idea is suitable for anyone who loves to see various types of animals except domestic animals. This is a good way to spend time with your kids or friends. There are some zoos that you can visit in Singapore. Every zoo has its own characteristics and you can choose which zoo that suits you and your family the most. If your kids love to see life underwater, then you can bring them to River Safari or Marine Life Park. For bird lovers, you may consider yourself to visit Jurong Bird Park and see how the park is full of colorful birds and different types of chirp.

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For those who prefer to go outside from evening till night, going to the zoo in the morning will be an exhausting thing to do (especially if you are not a morning person on weekends). If you like to have a wilder experience with wildlife at night, then you can give a chance to Safari Night. There are lots of nocturnal animals that can be found during the tour. It will be such a splendid experience and may raise up your adrenaline.

Stay at home and pampering yourself

As the energy is all wasted on the weekdays, it is understandable for those who prefer to stay at home during the long weekends. Waking up at noon, reading books, chilling with Netflix, playing games, etc prove that there are lots of things to do even if you just stay at home. However, all those activities are a bit lacking in something: Food! We need food to stay sane at home. Thus, we predict that food delivery will be overwhelmed with orders during these long weekends.

NDP Chilli Crab Feast by 8crabs
NDP Chilli Crab Feast by 8crabs

Choosing what to eat is not as easy as it said. Too many choices sometimes makes us even fall into a complicated pit. That’s why, don’t think too much and consider yourself to make orders at 8Crabs. There is a reason behind this recommendation: One feast menu is back by popular demand! The menu called NDP Chili Crab Feast is ready to serve you 8 dishes and can make people in your house full of happiness (4-5 pax). The menu includes a perfect combination from crab, chicken, pork, tofu, kang kong, fried rice, and mantou. It will be a waste if you miss this chance. When there’s still a chance, pampering your tummy. Be ready to taste the spicy, crunchy, savory, salty, and sweet along with your family on Good Friday!

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