5 Reasons Why We Are Still Staying Home for Now

2022 is a brand new year for Singapore. As life must go on, slow but sure, we are now in the transition phase to COVID-19 resilience. We get an update regulation from time to time so that we can gradually live normally in the middle of COVID-19. Thanks to the Ministry of Health and all Singaporeans who cooperate by taking vaccines and boosters, from 28 March 2022, we are now one step closer to living what we used to.

By 28 March 2022, as COVID-19 restrictions are getting lightened, we can dine-in with a group of 10 (fully vaccinated) instead of 5 in place full of VDS checks. Of course, this is joyful news for everyone, especially for foodie lovers. However, there are people who prefer to stay at home for now. There is nothing wrong with it since there are some reasons behind:

Avoid the crowds, jams, queues

Some people may think about going out with many people to eat right away after the lightened restrictions are too early. They definitely predict the street, public places, restaurants, and hawker centres will be full of people. Imagine yourself in the middle of a traffic jam and cannot make it to the restaurant on time. It ruins your mood and starts regretting your decisions to go out.

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Most people may find it is good to reunite with many people after a long time, however, some of them may get shocked by this sudden change and prefer to stay at home. Places like restaurants or cafes will be full of people and some just don’t want to wait in the long queue. It is not like they don’t like to go out, but, thinking about how the crowd will blow up, some prefer to stay at home for a little longer.

Quality of food will drop

Everyone, even for once, is definitely experiencing how the quality of the food will drop far away from expectation whenever the place is crowded. This kind of scene is understandable as the restaurant staff must be overwhelmed with the orders. In order to complete all the dishes, they increase the serving speed but decrease the quality of the food. Some foods can come more salty, spicier, or even bland.

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Some of us may not get bothered by the quality change of their food. As long as they can eat together with relatives, taste doesn’t matter. Nevertheless, there are people who think that taste is the essential point for their dishes. That’s why they prefer to stay at home and cook by themselves or order the delivery.

It’s more relaxing to stay at home with your loved ones

There are tons of reasons to stay at home. Nevertheless, having quality time with your loved ones at home is a strong reason to stay. Staying and relaxing at home  will be the most valuable thing for someone. They won’t even ask for more. Besides, although they got vaccinated, they may think going out along with the crowd can give slight potential for the virus to infect their beloved at home later (especially for elderly).

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Prices of eating out are exorbitant

Since everyone can eat outside more freely, some F&B owners will grab a chance to raise the price a bit higher than usual. Or even reaches its peak. At this level, some foodie lovers may find the prices are exorbitant. It will be tolerable if the taste is still the same as before, but, with the increasing demand on dine-in, the food quality will have a slight chance to drop. It will be such a waste.

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Some restaurants may not raise their price for profit. They are perhaps doing it for additional preparation to make every customer feel safe when they dine-in. Whatever the reasons are, F&B owners have their right to raise the price. At the same time, customers can have the right to choose their dining place. That’s why, some people may prefer to eat at home rather than eat outside for now.

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