Where to Find The Best ZiChar Restaurants in The East

Talking about Singaporean’s local pride, sure, that is a lot. For now, we will talk about one of the best Singaporean’s food local pride which is ZiChar. This Hokkien term from ‘cook and fry’ represents lots of things. It represents home-cooked Chinese food, affordable meals, and the way to cherish time with your relatives since ZiChar will be tastier if you eat it along with others. Without us realizing, ZiChar plays an important part for our happy tummy and our private times with our relatives.

As time goes by, ZiChar gets along with Singaporean mix culture and has lots of menu to try on. Moreover, we can choose whether to buy it from the stall and eat it at home or have a dine in, it is all about choice. For those who loves to visit East area or live there, here are some ZiChar restaurant recommendations for you:

1. 8 Crabs

The name of the restaurant hints the biggest clue for the customer. 8 Crabs serve you the best Sri Lankan crabs. Not only crabs, they also serve other seafood such as prawns, sea cucumber, grouper, and tilapia. Serving you the best seafood is 8 Crabs specialty.

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Source: 8 Crabs

Providing you the best crabs for dining, 8 Crabs also serves ZiChar for you. There are lots of options to be chose from spicy to salty, crispy to chewy, and from expensive to affordable one. The first recommendation for you is the Award-Winning Chilli Crab. Ordering this menu will let you experience the freshness of the seafood along with the chilli crab sauce. This premium dish will go along well with another 8 Crabs’ menu, Fried Mantou. Once you open 8 Crabs’ menu, you will get immersed into it. For those who want a quick-choice menu, you can directly order their 2-3 Pax ZiChar King Set Meal. By only paying $48, you can taste the delicious Prawn Paste Chicken, Deep Fried Seafood Roll, Stir Fried Kai Lan, and Yang Zhou Fried Rice on your plate.

2. Kimly

There are 28 Kimly Coffee Shops all around Singapore, and fortunately, whenever you want to have ZiChar for a meal, you can find Kimly ZiChar in selected Coffee Shop outlets. If you are around the East area, then Kimly ZiChar at Chai Chee Avenue will be a good choice for you. If you decide to get dishes from Kimly ZiChar, then you are ready to taste a variety of dishes from local food to seafood at an affordable price for your wallet.

Source: Kimly ZiChar

Kimly ZiChar recommends their 3 best menus to try on: House-made Beancurd Prawn Roll, Kimly Nyonya Assam Fish head, and Prawn Paste Wings ‘Har Cheong Gai’. These 3 menus portray how varied Kimly ZiChar’s menus are. In Kimly ZiChar, you can order food up to 5 pax. You can taste their delicious Pork Ribs, Claypot Pepper Chicken, Omelets, Cai Po Tofu, etc. As it stated before, you can get these menus starting from $18 based on the pax you chose.

3. East Coast Lagoon

When your tummy is asking for food, without realizing it, you may lay your foot on the East Coast Lagoon. Moreover, you may tag along your friends or family with you to find delicious ZiChar there. By taking a walk and enjoying the sea breeze, you may find some ZiChar stalls that are suitable to your taste and wallet too!

Source: Eastern Red Seafood

Dining place near the sea will be the perfect time to eat seafood! One of the recommended ZiChar will be Eastern Red Seafood. This place will definitely be the favorite place for those who love seafood and curry. You can order their hit menu: Curry Fish Head. There are more than 30 menus in their stall. Some menus have a unique taste for ZiChar dishes such as Wasabi Prawn Ball, BBQ Stingray, Cereal Prawn, Fragrant Chuk Chuk, etc.

4. Geylang

Geylang is indeed a heaven for ZiChar lovers. As far as the eyes can see through Geylang Road, you will see many ZiChar restaurants waiting for you to land your choice in them. You can find lots of delicious seafood, dim sum, and the healthy Bakut Teh. Some ZiChar restaurants which get good reviews such as Yongtai Seafood, Happy Seafood Village, Golden Bay Curry Fish Head, Desmond’s Creation, etc.

Source: JB Ah Meng

In the middle of choices, we will recommend you to try JB Ah Meng. They have lots of dishes to satisfy your hungry stomach. One of their best menus is JB San Lou Mee Hoon. The dish has a simple-flat appearance and almost doesn’t look like a usual vermicelli. However, when you taste it once, you will know for sure the reason why people always order this from them. The combination between vermicelli, prawn, and squid will help you to reach the full level of satisfaction. There are still some ZiChar places in Geylang that cannot be mentioned one by one. However, you should know that whichever you choose, it will not disappoint your appetite.

5. Changi Village

Similar to Geylang, Changi Village provides lots of ZiChar restaurants for everyone. When you happen to have an errand there, or just want to refresh your mind on the weekend, then eating or take-away from ZiChar restaurant will be a good idea. In this area, you will find a unique and rare Cantonese-style ZiChar “Wong Hing Kitchenette”. Tekong Seafood Restaurant, Woon Woon Pek Beehon, etc.

Source: Le Xuan Hong Kong Dimsum

Talking about ZiChar mostly means we are talking about the portion and the price. Most of the restaurants give you a different price for how much pax you want to order. It is a rare scene to find a ZiChar restaurant that includes drinks to the set menu. However, Le Xuan Hong Kong Dimsum is including drinks to your set menu! This restaurant has a set menu for 3 people that includes 3 dishes, rice, and drinks. There are some popular menus such as Seafood White Bee Hoon, Steamed Pork Ribs, Pork Trotter with Vinegar, bao and dumplings.

We all believe that the relationship between ZiChar and Singaporeans are inseparable. We are so lucky to find ZiChar restaurants in almost every corner of Singapore. However, sometimes overwhelming choices can make it hard to choose. That’s why, you can try to choose one by one, slow but sure, however, don’t forget to put 8 Crabs’ Zichar on your list. The reasons are simple: it is delicious with an affordable price, tons of dishes to choose from, and can be delivered directly to your house. It will be such a waste if you let this pleasure opportunity to the corner of your eyes.

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