What Wines Pair Best with Seafood

February is a month for love. Most couples around the world will pick one date in this month to make it a special day in their life. Some people may try their luck to confess to their crush too. We all know this date, 14 February, the day when love is at its peak in the air, it is Valentine’s Day.

Whenever Valentine day comes, both sides are trying their best to go all out. There is no ‘simple’ preparation. Florists and patisseries are busy preparing different types of bouquet flowers and romantic chocolate packages. Everyone knows that flowers and chocolates are already on the top of the preparation list. However, the preparation journey is not over yet. The couples need to prepare their Valentine’s date. The plan may vary but most of them will let romantic dinner slip into the plan.

Having a romantic dinner along with a candle will be a perfect and wise idea for the date. Nevertheless, have you decided what kind of food that you will eat along with your partner? Some couples may already eat with their partner almost every day so, how to make this dinner date different? Then, how about some seafood with wine?

Seafood and wine is a good combination to fill up your stomach on a romantic day. For those who are in a dilemma to choose a dining place, we got your back! Firstly, we should know the good combination of it so that you will have tasty dining that is suitable with your budget too. As you got your best partner to accompany you, here are some seafood with its best wine companion for you to choose on Valentine’s dining menu list!

1. Crab

This particular seafood is one of the more popular choices for dinner, especially in Singapore since it can be easily found in most of the seafood restaurants. Not only easy to find, most seafood lovers definitely have tasted the crab at least once in their life. For the first timer and ready to eat the crab for dinner, you can try adding melted butter or a slice of lemon to it and sense the delicious taste from the meat. The crab legs are also one of the favorite parts to enjoy. Eating crab means you are lucky to taste salty, juicy, sweet in one go. By eating crab for the Valentine dinner, you already chose the wise choice!

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We all know that the crab itself is already tasty, however, if we can make it tastier, why not? Let us move to another level beyond adding melted butter or lemon slices. A glass of wine will be a perfect move for it. A crab leg, our most favorite crab dish, will go very well with Chardonnay. The warm buttery crab legs along with the buttery sensation of Chardonnay will create such a good partner. For the crab legs with lemon slice lovers, do not worry, Sauvignon Blanc is ready to be a perfect complement. The dry and fresh sensation combined with the tangy crab legs, what a perfect dish to enjoy!

2. Lobster

Its big body and the price make some people not choose to eat lobster often. However, when some big celebration is coming up, everyone’s eyes will be on it. Lobster is a perfect seafood menu to be chosen for Valentine’s dining date especially for the lobster lovers. By eating lobster, your dining date feels so romantically extravagant. The white meat with delicate flavor is a good thing to eat along with the classical music instrument playing in the room.

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Having an extravagant dinner with lobster will be incomplete without the existence of wine glasses on your table. When you pair the lobster with the wine, do remember that acidity holds an important role here. Some wines such as Pinot Grigio, Saugvinon Blanc, Chardonnay, and Riesling are considered the best partner for the lobster. Having many recommendation partners does not mean we can easily mix and match them. When you order lobster with lighter sauce, the fresh and light wine such as Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Grigio will be a perfect match. On the other hand, if you and your partner preferred the lobster in buttery texture and sauce, then you can take Chardonnay with you.

3. Prawns

If you think crab and lobster are too big and complicated to eat, then prawns will be a good choice to substitute for it. Its size is smaller than other big seafood. Due to its small size, you can eat more dishes. Prawns are getting along well with curry, rice, pasta, salad, etc. Having prawns to be the main dish in Valentine’s dining will be a good idea for those who prefer a simple romantic special dinner. Besides, prawns are one of the easiest seafood to takeaway. Some couples prefer to have a simple meal in their house so prawns will be a perfect choice.

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Although the simplicity of the prawns cannot be hidden, we cannot judge the taste right away. Prawns are one of the most favorite seafood around the world and in order to make it on another level, you can combine it with something premium. You can let the wine join in with your dinner. The wines such as Fruity Rosé, Sauvignon, Bardolino, and Chenin Blanc are some of the perfect partners for prawns. The fresh salad with prawns will go well with Sauvignon, the curry prawns will be amazing with Fruity Rosé while Bardolino will go well with tomato sauce pasta and Chenin Blanc for creamy pasta.

4. Oysters

One of the most premium seafood that needs proper conservation and hygiene will be a good dish for couples who want to have a premium dinner in the five-star restaurant. When you decide to eat oysters, please pay more attention to the condition of the oysters. The fresh oysters smell like fresh ocean breeze. If you want to have a buttery taste, then you should order West Coast Oysters while East Coast Oysters for savory taste.

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This premium seafood has an eternal companion buddy which is Champagne. It goes well with any type of preparation for the oysters. Whether it is spicy, grilled, or garlicky, Champagne is still the winner for oysters companions since the bubbles from Champagne make it can handle more than one flavor of oysters without overpowering. Your Valentine’s Day will be a happy day by eating oysters and Champagne.

Eating seafood is always a good idea for special dining occasions. Because of that, you can choose this idea for your Valentine’s date. There are many seafoods to choose from, you can choose some of your favorites. When you and your beloved eat the delicious seafood in the restaurant, do not forget to order some wine too! Since you and your beloved are the perfect match, so does with them.

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