2 REGULAR Crabs (Approx. 0.5 kg) Promo

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Enjoy 2 juicy and meaty Regular Sized Sri Lankan Wild Catch Crabs Species, thoughtfully cooked to perfection with a gravy of your choice, for a much reduced price! Try our highly raved Chilli Crabs that boast complementing savoury, sweet, and spicy flavours, or the Black Pepper option, that has been loved by literally thousands of Singaporeans. For the true flavour of these crabs, we will also prepare it in steamed option based on your preference.

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We provide our specialty, the rare Ultra Fresh ‘AAA Grade’ Wild Caught Sri Lankan Mud Crabs. However, if you wish for something more economical, we do have the restaurant grade Sri Lankan Species crab from South East Asia, a.k.a. SEA (Indonesia/Malaysia/Philippines/Vietnam) that you can select too.

So you may be asking, what’s the difference? It’s real simple!

Sri Lankan Mud Crabs: Mighty big caws, more Meat, extremely tender and flavourful. Rare in Singapore, Most premium restaurants usually serve via advanced arrangements.

S.E.A Mud Crabs: The same species originating in other parts of South East Asia is also tasty and tender, but firmer than the actual Sri Lankan variant. Most premium restaurants in Singapore use Mud Crabs from Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Philippines.

Want to know more? We have a detailed guide on the differences between Sri Lankan crabs and other Mud Crabs from South East Asia.

In a nutshell, ALL of our crabs are:

– Bigger, Meatier, Tastier

– Do not have ammonia smell or taste

– Cooked from Live Crabs only, dead crabs are strictly discarded

– Free from harmful substances

– Click here to read more on how we can sustain having crabs that are much more premium than the mass market

Click here to understand our unique process from the waters of Sri Lanka, India, and Indonesia, to Singapore

Size Size before cooking (kg) Size after cooking (kg) Sri Lanka Mud Crab 2 X Sri Lanka Promo S.E.A. Mud Crab 2 X S.E.A. Promo
2 x Medium 0.7 (0.35 ea) 0.3-0.4  $   39.90  NA   $   29.90  NA 
Regular 0.4-0.5 0.25-0.4  $   38.90  $   74.90  $   28.90  $   54.90
Large 0.6-0.7 0.36-0.42  $   65.90  $ 129.90  $   47.90  $   94.90
X Large 0.9-1 0.52-0.6  $   89.90  $ 175.90  $   65.90  $ 129.90
XX Large 1.2-1.3 0.72-0.78  $ 135.90  $ 259.90  $   95.90  $ 189.90
King 1.6-1.7 0.96-1.1  $ 175.90  $ 339.90  $ 125.90  $ 249.90

While we ensure that only healthy, happy, and meaty live crabs get cooked, customers may time to time feel disappointed upon putting their crab delivery on the weighing scale – only to find out that their crabs weigh less than expected. It is common for crabs’ weight to be reduced by 25 to 35% during the preparation and cooking process. We have prepared a guide to explain why crabs weigh lesser after cooking.

Contains nuts and eggs



Purchase this item and get 88-121 Points - a worth of $1.76-$2.42
Purchase this item and get 88-121 Points - a worth of $1.76-$2.42
2 Crabs Promotion by 8 Crabs (Regular)
2 REGULAR Crabs (Approx. 0.5 kg) Promo

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5/5 out of more than 15,000 reviews

Award-Winning Recipe

Chef Recommendation

Wild Catch & Super Meaty 

Delivered Hot (Thermal Bag)

Ordering for a gathering? Consider getting our 2 Large Crabs or 2 Regular Crabs promotion and save more today!



2 REGULAR Crabs (Approx. 0.5 kg) Promo

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2 LARGE Crabs (Approx. 0.7 kg) Promo

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2 X-LARGE Crabs (Approx. 1 kg) Promo

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Fresh from the Waters to You, in 12 Hours

Our processing premises is strategically located nearby the airport. Our technological advancements and huge manpower strength allow us to promise that only the freshest catch reaches you.

It is highly important that you are not served crabs that have been dead for more than an hour. Learn more about our processes and our industry disrupting difference.

our process

Freshly Cooked Upon Your Order

Unlike most crab delivery services, we do not freeze our crabs and gravy and reheat them again just to meet the high demand. We ensure that we handpick the best live and meatiest crabs and whip them up into glorious perfection.

meet our specialty crabs!

Ultra Premium Sri Lankan Crabs 斯里兰卡, 5 Star Restaurant Grade South East Asian Crabs 东南亚

Crab 1

Chilli 辣椒, Black Pepper 黑椒, Salted Egg 咸蛋, Steamed 清蒸, Mala 麻辣

Crab 2

Chilli 辣椒, Black Pepper 黑椒, Salted Egg 咸蛋, Steamed 清蒸

8 reviews for 2 REGULAR Crabs (Approx. 0.5 kg) Promo

  1. Belinda

    For my order, both were Chilli crabs and the spiciness was perfect. I got the South-East asian crabs for its lower price and it was legit meaty! its worth getting for sure!!

  2. Howard Tay

    Both crabs were wonderful. Quite meaty south-east asian crabs for the size. And price is perfect for my budget.

  3. Agnes

    Crabs were really nice, sIelected chilli and black pepper which were so delicious that I’m craving for it again!! I also selected the Southeast Asian crabs and it is tastier than I have expected. Excellent!

  4. Liru Sng

    This promo is really worth it! Quality was good for both the SEA crabs. Am going to order again in future.

  5. Nicholas

    I have ordered few times before, crabs are consistently amazing! Decided to have the South East Asian crabs and it was perfectly meaty and yummy!!

  6. Li zhen

    Service was good and delivery was quite on time. The crabs tasted pretty fresh and i loved the chilli crab!

  7. kristine

    Yummy crabs! The chilli crab goes really well with the man tou that i extra ordered.

  8. Shu yan

    Good that this deal allows the choosing of flavours. the chilli and black pepper crabs are super good!

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