3-4 Pax Perk Up Your Weekday Set Meal


Purchase this item and get 105 Points - a worth of $2.10
Purchase this item and get 105 Points - a worth of $2.10
3-4 Pax Perk Up Your Weekday Set Meal

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More than 15,000 Reviews

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Delivered Hot (Thermal Bag)

Only Ultra Premium Sri Lankan Crabs are used for this Set Meal.

To change to Restaurant Grade South East Asian Crabs, please enquire with us.

Congratulations if it’s a Mon, Tue or Wed today, because you get to enjoy huge savings on our PERK UP YOUR WEEKDAY SET MEAL: a bundle of 1 Regular Crab (choice of Chilli, Black Pepper, Salted Egg and Steamed flavours), and 1 Seafood In A Bag (choice of Chilli, Cajun Garlic Butter, Garlic Butter or Tom Yum flavours).

This deal is available for delivery strictly only on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. CLICK HERE to place an order for our crabs, and CLICK HERE to order our Seafood In A Bag, on other days of the week.

Each Regular Crab weighs approx. 400 – 500g live.

Each Seafood In A Bag comes with:

  • Prawns (180g)
  • Mussels (180g)
  • La-la (250g)
  • Scallops (2 whole pcs)
  • Corn (1 full cob)
  • Chicken Bratwurst (1 whole)
  • Potato (1 whole)
  • Fried Buns – Man Tou (9pcs)

While we ensure that only healthy, happy, and meaty live crabs get cooked, customers may time to time feel disappointed upon putting their crab delivery on the weighing scale – only to find out that their crabs weigh less than expected. It is common for crabs’ weight to be reduced by 25 to 35% during the preparation and cooking process. CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT MORE!

CRAB SIZE | Live Weight | Cooked Weight
R | 400-500g | 240-300g
L | 600-700g | 360-420g
XL | 900g-1kg | 520-600g
XXL | 1.2-1.3kg | 720-780g

All crabs live size
All crabs live size comparison
Flavour of Regular Sri Lankan Crab 螃蟹口味

Chilli 辣椒, Black Pepper 黑椒, Salted Egg 咸蛋, Steamed 清蒸

Flavour of Seafood In A Bag 海鲜带

Chilli 辣椒, Cajun Garlic Butter 西辣蒜蓉奶, Garlic Butter 蒜蓉奶, Tom Yum 东阳


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