Award-Winning Black Pepper Crab

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Black Pepper Crab is an all time Singapore favourite. We cook it best with the type of crabs used, and our amazing recipe favourited by many. Honestly, anyone who loves crabs cannot deny that our Black Pepper crabs are the best. Our gravy is filled with fragrant and aromatic bits that numb and bites your tongue. Pair them with our Fried Mantou for the perfect crab experience!

8 Crabs Award Winning Black Pepper Crab

We provide our specialty, the rare Ultra Fresh ‘AAA Grade’ Wild Caught Sri Lankan Mud Crabs. However, if you wish for something more economical, we do have the restaurant grade Sri Lankan Species crab from South East Asia, a.k.a. SEA (Indonesia/Malaysia/Philippines/Vietnam) that you can select too.

So you may be asking, what’s the difference? It’s real simple!

Sri Lankan Mud Crabs: Mighty big caws, more Meat, extremely tender and flavourful. Rare in Singapore, Most premium restaurants usually serve via advanced arrangements.

S.E.A Mud Crabs: The same species originating in other parts of South East Asia is also tasty and tender, but firmer than the actual Sri Lankan variant. Most premium restaurants in Singapore use Mud Crabs from Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Philippines.

Want to know more? We have a detailed guide on the differences between Sri Lankan crabs and other Mud Crabs from South East Asia.

In a nutshell, ALL of our crabs are:

– Bigger, Meatier, Tastier

– Do not have ammonia smell or taste

– Cooked from Live Crabs only, dead crabs are strictly discarded

– Free from harmful substances

– Click here to read more on how we can sustain having crabs that are much more premium than the mass market

Click here to understand our unique process from the waters of Sri Lanka, India, and Indonesia, to Singapore

Size Size before cooking (kg) Size after cooking (kg) Sri Lanka Mud Crab S.E.A Mud Crab
2 x Medium 0.7 (0.35 ea) 0.3-0.4  $   39.90  $   29.90
Regular 0.4-0.5 0.25-0.4  $   38.90  $   28.90
Large 0.6-0.7 0.36-0.42  $   65.90  $   47.90
X Large 0.9-1 0.52-0.6  $   89.90  $   65.90
XX Large 1.2-1.3 0.72-0.78  $ 135.90  $   95.90
King 1.6-1.7 0.96-1.1  $ 175.90  $ 125.90

While we ensure that only healthy, happy, and meaty live crabs get cooked, customers may time to time feel disappointed upon putting their crab delivery on the weighing scale – only to find out that their crabs weigh less than expected. It is common for crabs’ weight to be reduced by 25 to 35% during the preparation and cooking process. We have prepared a guide to explain why crabs weigh lesser after cooking.

Contains nuts and eggs

Purchase this item and get 46-286 Points - a worth of $0.92-$5.72
Purchase this item and get 46-286 Points - a worth of $0.92-$5.72
Black pepper crab by 8 crabs
Award-Winning Black Pepper Crab

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5/5 out of more than 15,000 reviews

Award-Winning Recipe

Chef Recommendation

Wild Catch & Super Meaty 

Delivered Hot (Thermal Bag)

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Fresh from the Waters to You, in 12 Hours

Our processing premises is strategically located nearby the airport. Our technological advancements and huge manpower strength allow us to promise that only the freshest catch reaches you.

It is highly important that you are not served crabs that have been dead for more than an hour. Learn more about our processes and our industry disrupting difference.

our process

Freshly Cooked Upon Your Order

Unlike most crab delivery services, we do not freeze our crabs and gravy and reheat them again just to meet the high demand. We ensure that we handpick the best live and meatiest crabs and whip them up into glorious perfection.

meet our specialty crabs!

Ultra Premium Sri Lankan Crabs, 5 Star Restaurant Grade South East Asian Crabs


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61 reviews for Award-Winning Black Pepper Crab

  1. Raymond

    5stars for the SEA Black Pepper crab! Very fragrant, spicy and so meaty srsly it tastes better than I expected! Worth it!

  2. Vanessa Ow

    Decided to try crabs from here as I saw their ads few times. Superb south-east asian black pepper crab.

  3. Christina

    Delivery came on time. Getting the SEA crab is a good deal, price is cheaper and tastes sooo delicious!

  4. Cheng Annie

    The quality of the south east asian crab is good and black pepper taste has a real kick!! Love it!

  5. Pat Ng

    Highly recommended~ I ordered the South East asia ones for dinner and it was incredibly tasty and meaty!!

  6. Seow Qing

    Super awesome black pepper crabs!! The SE Asian crab tastes better than i thought,definitely worth trying

  7. Rui wen

    Crab was well packed and delivered. Black pepper taste was really great!

  8. Joseph

    Was not very sure it’ll be as good as what the reviews say..but nvr expected this to be so good! Meaty crab and flavour was well balanced.

  9. Larry Lim

    good service indeed

  10. Adeline Yap

    SO SO YUMMY. I bought the chilli crab first, and my family loved it. The black pepper one has a more addictive taste. Got a voucher for my second purchase!

  11. Derek Lim

    Chilli crabs from 8 Crabs are definitely spicier than the rest. The perfect thickness of gravy and the food was as freshly prepared as if we were having it served to us fresh from the kitchen. 

  12. Dylan

    Efficient delivery with personalized service. The food was still hot when it came!

  13. Bastian

    You can taste the authenticity of Sri Lanka crab, well coated with the black pepper sauce all round!

  14. Adam

    A good balance of spiciness and savory dish that was delivered. Fresh quality of crab from Sri Lanka were used!

  15. Brian

    The food came earlier than expected. Great dish overall!

  16. Justin

    The crab was extremely fresh! It is definitely Sri Lanka crab as stated on the website! Great flavor!

  17. Mike

    One of the better black pepper crab i’ve eaten! I will definitely order this again!

  18. Kimberly

    8crabs really came and delivered. Their black pepper crab is really great. Crab is meaty and fresh!

  19. Jeanette

    The black pepper crab is so good! It makes me want to order more! Great job chef!

  20. Sarah Lim

    The black pepper crab is extremely tasty! Fresh and meaty as well!

  21. Maverick

    A definite must try black pepper crab around! Worth it at this price point!

  22. Melissa

    The black pepper crab was heavenly! It is extremely addictive as well!

  23. Lynn

    The delivery was quicker than expected! The crab was so full of flavor! Really enjoyed it!

  24. Dennis Tan

    The ingredients used were of high quality! It really brings out the flavor of the Sri Lanka crab!

  25. Mary Tan

    The flavour of the crab is so moorish, tender and fresh! I could eat another dozen or so!

  26. Caius

    It was a great buy! The black pepper crab tasted amazing! Would recommend it to my friends!

  27. Samuel

    The smell of the black pepper crab was so fragrant! It even tasted better than it smell!

  28. Joanna

    The black pepper crab tasted amazing! I would definitely order from 8crabs again!

  29. Chester

    I like how fresh the crab tasted! Its easy to eat as well since the crab is already broken into bite sizes.

  30. Jeremiah

    Best value for crabs! The black pepper crab tasted really great as well.

  31. Yong jie

    The crab was exceptionally fresh and had huge meat all around! Really worth the buy!

  32. Jimmy

    Even though it was take away, the black pepper crab was full of flavor! Great dish!

  33. Jackky

    The black pepper crab is really yummy, definitely worth a try!

  34. Samantha

    I could totally taste the sweetness of the crab. The black pepper flavor is not overpowering, just nice!

  35. Yu Han

    It is a crab lover sanctuary! 8crabs really delivered!

  36. Derrick

    The black pepper crab is a must-try! Great dish overall!

  37. Steven

    A dish that i would order again for my next family dinner! The black pepper crab is a must try!

  38. Shanice

    Excellent black pepper crab at a reasonable price! Will definitely order this again!

  39. Jamie Lim

    The black pepper crab is a winner. I could really taste the sweetness of the crab itself! Great job!

  40. Roy ng

    One of the nicest black pepper crab so far. It’s finger licking good!

  41. Bryan

    Great tasting black pepper crab! I could really taste the freshness of the crab!

  42. Desmond Lee

    The crab had great chunk of meat! The black pepper taste was evenly fused inside the crab meat!

  43. Patrick

    Best black pepper crab i have eaten so far. It’s definitely worth the price!

  44. Lawrence

    8crabs has definitely delivered. Great quality of crab meat and the black pepper tasted really great!

  45. Zayne

    The crabs are of really good quality! Fresh and meaty. The chef did a great job at making the black pepper crab!

  46. Brannon

    Simply excellent black pepper crab! Fresh ingredients used and the sauce is well coated over the crab!

  47. Jeevan

    The black pepper crab tasted real good even after being delivered. Will order this again!

  48. Vanessa

    Exceptional freshness of crab! Great ingredients used for this black pepper crab!

  49. Shi En

    The black pepper taste is just right! Well cooked by the chef!

  50. Jackson Lim

    The ordering process was smooth and delivery of food was prompt! The dish did not disappoint at all!

  51. Kate Tan

    Really decent black pepper crab dish! I will definitely recommend others to try this!

  52. Daniel Lim

    One of the best crab dishes I’ve had. The spiciness is just right!

  53. Kath lee

    For the price and quality of the food, I think it is super worth it! Really digging the black pepper crab!

  54. Joash Lim

    I could really taste the black pepper used! The crab tasted super fresh! I would definitely order again!

  55. Sally ng

    This is one of the nicest black pepper crab I’ve eaten. The sauce was coated evenly throughout the crab! I love it!

  56. Tyson chan

    Well cooked black pepper crab! They used Sri Lanka crab which will taste better than other crab.

  57. Rachel Lim

    The crab used is of high grade. It’s super sweet and juicy!

  58. Sean

    Really great black pepper crab! The sauce was well coated throughout the crab!

  59. John lim

    Great flavoring on the black pepper crab. The family loved it!

  60. Tesmond Lee

    The portion of black pepper used on the crab is just nice! Overall, its a great dish to have!

  61. Nicholas Lee

    As a crab lover, the quality of the crab used from Sri Lanka is of high quality. The dish itself is great too!

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