Award-Winning Salted Egg Crab

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It is not everyday you find a good class restaurant serving homemade goodness. Our Sri Lankan species Mud Crabs of assured freshness are doused in a generous portion of rich homemade salted egg yolk sauce. Pair them with our Fried Mantou to swipe up all the sauce that is raved by literally everyone who has tried this!

8 Crabs Award Winning Salted Egg Crab

We provide our specialty, the rare Ultra Fresh ‘AAA Grade’ Wild Caught Sri Lankan Mud Crabs. However, if you wish for something more economical, we do have the restaurant grade Sri Lankan Species crab from South East Asia, a.k.a. SEA (Indonesia/Malaysia/Philippines/Vietnam) that you can select too.

So you may be asking, what’s the difference? It’s real simple!

Sri Lankan Mud Crabs: Mighty big caws, more Meat, extremely tender and flavourful. Rare in Singapore, Most premium restaurants usually serve via advanced arrangements.

S.E.A Mud Crabs: The same species originating in other parts of South East Asia is also tasty and tender, but firmer than the actual Sri Lankan variant. Most premium restaurants in Singapore use Mud Crabs from Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Philippines.

Want to know more? We have a detailed guide on the differences between Sri Lankan crabs and other Mud Crabs from South East Asia.

In a nutshell, ALL of our crabs are:

– Bigger, Meatier, Tastier

– Do not have ammonia smell or taste

– Cooked from Live Crabs only, dead crabs are strictly discarded

– Free from harmful substances

– Click here to read more on how we can sustain having crabs that are much more premium than the mass market

Click here to understand our unique process from the waters of Sri Lanka, India, and Indonesia, to Singapore

Size Size before cooking (kg) Size after cooking (kg) Sri Lanka Mud Crab S.E.A Mud Crab
2 x Medium 0.7 (0.35 ea) 0.3-0.4  $   39.90  $   29.90
Regular 0.4-0.5 0.25-0.4  $   38.90  $   28.90
Large 0.6-0.7 0.36-0.42  $   65.90  $   47.90
X Large 0.9-1 0.52-0.6  $   89.90  $   65.90
XX Large 1.2-1.3 0.72-0.78  $ 135.90  $   95.90
King 1.6-1.7 0.96-1.1  $ 175.90  $ 125.90

While we ensure that only healthy, happy, and meaty live crabs get cooked, customers may time to time feel disappointed upon putting their crab delivery on the weighing scale – only to find out that their crabs weigh less than expected. It is common for crabs’ weight to be reduced by 25 to 35% during the preparation and cooking process. We have prepared a guide to explain why crabs weigh lesser after cooking.

Contains nuts and eggs

Purchase this item and get 63-286 Points - a worth of $1.26-$5.72
Purchase this item and get 63-286 Points - a worth of $1.26-$5.72
Salted Egg Crabs by 8crabs
Award-Winning Salted Egg Crab

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5/5 out of more than 15,000 reviews

Award-Winning Recipe

Chef Recommendation

Wild Catch & Super Meaty 

Delivered Hot (Thermal Bag)

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More Importantly, by REAL Customers too!

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Fresh from the Waters to You, in 12 Hours

Our processing premises is strategically located nearby the airport. Our technological advancements and huge manpower strength allow us to promise that only the freshest catch reaches you.

It is highly important that you are not served crabs that have been dead for more than an hour. Learn more about our processes and our industry disrupting difference.

our process

Freshly Cooked Upon Your Order

Unlike most crab delivery services, we do not freeze our crabs and gravy and reheat them again just to meet the high demand. We ensure that we handpick the best live and meatiest crabs and whip them up into glorious perfection.

meet our specialty crabs!

Ultra Premium Sri Lankan Crabs, 5 Star Restaurant Grade South East Asian Crabs


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64 reviews for Award-Winning Salted Egg Crab

  1. George Sim

    My wife and I enjoyed the crab! Salted egg sauce was delicious and the texture of the Southeast Asian crab suits our taste buds. Reasonable price for a great crab!

  2. Catherine

    Have been craving for salted egg crab and this was so good! Very reasonable price for a xlarge southeast asian crab. cant wait to order again!!

  3. Kenneth

    Our order was delivered as scheduled and the SE Asian crab that I selected is full of meat! Really worth it.

  4. Jun Yang

    Crab was great! the Southeast Asian crab had a good amt of meat, which we definitely enjoyed

  5. Dennis P.

    Recommend! My order came on time. The SEA crab is meaty and fresh while the salted egg gravy was just perfect!

  6. Jen.

    One of the best crabs i’ve had in years! the salted egg sauce was on point, so delicious

  7. M.Ng

    My family had a great dinner with the addition of these crabs!

  8. Jackson

    The crab had huge chunk of meat and easy to peel from the soft shell! Great tasting salted egg crab.

  9. Renee

    I really enjoyed the crab. Love the fact that the crab has soaked up the salted egg sauce, creating sweet and savoury explosion in my mouth.

  10. Zi Jian

    Superb flavor, creamy and thick texture of salted egg sauce. The crab is extremely fresh as well!

  11. Janice

    The salted egg crab dish was really yummy. A burst of flavors. Great dish!

  12. Jin Kiat

    One of the best salted egg crab i have tasted. It was glorious!

  13. Justin

    It was a pleasurable experience. The salted egg crab was a delight!

  14. Leonard

    The sauce was heavenly, huge crab meat and quick delivery!

  15. jia sheng

    The salted egg sauce was thick and creamy. Super flavorful. Crab was delicious as well.

  16. Aiden

    The salted egg crab was delightful. Rich in flavor, everybody on the table enjoyed it.

  17. Aloysius

    The crab was filled with juicy meat. For the price of it, i think it is affordable. Will order this again.

  18. Jien siu

    The sauce was rich, creamy, packed with flavors. The crab was fresh and meaty. Great job chef!

  19. Ryan

    The enriching salted egg sauce was super addictive. Fresh and substantial size crab used too!

  20. Sebastian

    Highly anticipated dish. Did not disappoint. The crab was a delight!

  21. Shanice

    Salted egg crab was rich and flavorful! I would definitely order this again!

  22. Ken Lim

    The food was superb! The crab was really fresh and meaty. I love it!

  23. Valerie

    The delivery was quick, food was great, overall experience was good!

  24. Zi Jie

    The thick and creamy salted egg sauce was superb! Sauce was covered evenly throughout the crab!

  25. Bobby

    The salted egg crab was of great standard. First time ordering this, there’s definitely going to be a next time.

  26. Ashley

    It was a well made dish made by the chef. Filled with so much flavor in the salted egg sauce. The crab was really fresh too!

  27. Wei Jie

    The crabs were really fresh. Paired with the rich and flavorful salted egg sauce. Yum!

  28. Jennie low

    The salted egg sauce was filled with immense flavors. Crab was soft and juicy!

  29. Lennon

    The crab was really delicious. It was a messy pleasure. I will order this again!

  30. jordan tan

    I think it’s a good dish of salted egg crab and its affordable for the portion given! I love it!

  31. Granum

    The crab was really fresh and do indulged yourself in the creamy and flavorful salted egg sauce!

  32. Bernard

    The crab was really fresh and the sauce was really thick and creamy!

  33. Zayn

    The salted egg crab is rich in flavour and with copious amount of salted eggs. The crabs are well done!

  34. Jaslin

    The delivery was quicker than expected. Great tasting of salted egg crab ever. Will recommend this to my friends

  35. Johnathan

    The creamy sinful salted egg sauce covered and infused with the sweet and meaty crab! I will definitely buy this again!

  36. Rei Xuan

    Creamy salted egg sauce that we couldnt stop dipping our crab back in. Crab was super fresh!

  37. Leon

    The rich yet smooth salted egg sauce coated on the crab is just luxurious.

  38. Russel

    The main selling point of this is the creamy rich salted egg sauce infused together with fresh crab!

  39. Lester

    The salted egg sauce was salty, sweet and had a small hint of spice. Super addictive and not jelat at all!

  40. Yi Jing

    The crab was fresh, full of tender and juicy meat, covered in sweet and savory salted egg sauce.

  41. victoria

    One of the best salted egg crab ever made. Super addictive!

  42. Chris

    The crab is sweet, juicy and had roe in it. The sauce was packed with flavor!

  43. Florence

    A good size of crab covered in a rich salty yet sweet salted egg sauce!

  44. Richmond

    The crab was super juicy and soft! Great piece of crab done well by the chef.

  45. Xue Li

    The delivery was quicker than expected. First bite in and it was exceptionally tasty made me want to come back for more.

  46. dylan

    The sri lankan crab used was fresh and extremely meaty. The sauce was full of flavours!

  47. Deron

    The salted egg crab was exceptionally well done! Super addictive taste to it. Will order it again!

  48. Nat Lim

    The salted egg crab was extremely delicious. Given the portion and price, I think it’s worth it!

  49. Leonard

    Crab was fresh and had a lot of meat in it. The salted egg sauce was well made. Fused well with the crab.

  50. Robert

    The crab meat was so juicy, the salted egg sauce was so addictive, lingered on the taste bud for awhile.

  51. Jasmine

    Really enjoyed the salted egg crab. Full of flavor and super addictive.

  52. Victoria

    The salted egg crab was sinful and yummy. the crab was fresh and had huge meat in it.

  53. Perlina

    It took about 40 mins for the food to arrive. I thought that the salted egg sauce would clump up, but it didn’t. Still tasted fresh!

  54. Jim

    A good price of salted egg crab. Sauce was full of flavours, was not jelat at all. Crab was full of meat!

  55. Qi Long

    The sauce was salty, savoury and sweet. Burst of flavours when i took the first bite. The crab is very fresh as well!

  56. Dean

    Though the crab was drowned with salted egg sauce, there was still a sweet after taste to it! Must finish the sauce!

  57. Benny

    This dish had a strong fragrance to it. It wasnt jelat, extremely addictive when I had the first bite!

  58. Noel

    The salted egg sauce was super tasty. Crab was huge for the price. It came with roe as well!

  59. Brendan

    The salted egg crab was finger lickin good! You definitely need to finish the sauce!

  60. Queenie

    The combination of savory salted egg yolk stir fried with sweet and succulent crab is heavenly!

  61. Warren

    A dish that was palatable to everyone on the table including the kids. Abundance of succulent meat with nice salted egg sauce.

  62. Tina

    The Sri Lankan crab used was extremely fresh. Salted egg sauce was not that jelat. Great dish overall.

  63. Gladys

    Great portion of crab was served! The crab was fused with the rich salted egg sauce!

  64. Xavier

    The salted egg crab was full of flavor. Sauce was creamy and thick, with additional chili padi to add an extra kick.

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